Meet the students

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Our students are adults with learning disabilities who are referred through Adult Services and come to Heaton Fold to undertake a range of work related tasks and activities in a safe and supportive environment to enhance their skills, qualifications and employment prospects.

Students attend on weekdays only and learn to carry out simple practical tasks across the garden centre site.

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Supported by staff our students have cleared the ground, rebuilt the shrub beds and laid out the products for sale.

Students must:

  • Be independent travellers as no transport is provided.
  • Live within the Borough.
  • Be referred through Adult Services.

Each student has an individual plan but skills might include:

  • Reliability (coming every day as agreed)
  • Timekeeping (arriving and departing on time)
  • Effort (undertaking physical and mental tasks)
  • Application (maintaining a task until completed)
  • Co-operation (working with others as a team or in a group)
  • Socialisation (mixing with other people whilst working or resting)
  • Integration (mixing with and supplying a service to members of the public)
  • Instruction (completing a set task as requested and in an appropriate manner)

Here are just some of the activities our students participate in:

  • Keeping the site tidy and dealing with rubbish and recycling
  • Helping customers carry goods to their cars
  • Going out on the van with staff to deliver customer orders
  • Making up Barrier Planters for use in the community
  • Pricing and labelling plants and displaying plants for sale
  • Making a compost mixture and filling pots and trays
  • Pricking out plants into pots and potting bulbs

Students will receive the permitted work earning allowance. Current rates are:

  • Half day: £1.55
  • Full day: £3.10