Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees!

Graphic reading "Fresh-cut Christmas trees from Mid-November!"

All you need to know about our fresh-cut Christmas trees, including advice on how to pick the perfect tree for you!

It's that time of year that you start to think about getting Christmas sorted... and luckily enough Heaton Fold stocks a fantastic range of Premium-grade Christmas Trees. Starting Mid-November (Date TBD) we're offering a range of Nordmann and Frasier Firs - you can pick your own height and shape, and our helpful staff are always on-hand to guide you with picking the perfect tree for your home... they'll even help you to the car with it! If your tree wont fit, we even offer delivery in-and-around the Bolton area to give you peace of mind, and get your tree to you in one piece. Price is determined based on the location of tree drop-off.  

All of our trees come with the option of adding a Tree-block for an additional £4, however if your tree is above 9ft we highly recommend getting some additional support for your tree.

Here's some handy tips on picking the right tree for you! 

Picking the perfect tree...

Everyone has a preferences with a Christmas tree, whether that be the beautiful smell of the Frasier Fir, or the symmetry of the classic Nordmann Fir, we'll help you along the way on deciding what's best for you! 

Nordmann Fir

These are by far the most popular tree as they grow into a very uniform, typical Christmas tree shape - they're the most popular choice for a Christmas tree in the UK! They bear strong branches which help with retaining their needles as the tree dries, and are a perfect option if you're looking for that traditional Christmas Tree look.  These trees have a very mild scent, so would be a good choice for those suffering with sensitivity to the typical "Christmas Tree" scent. 

Frasier Fir

 Frasier Firs are sure to bring an amazing atmosphere to your home! This tree typically has a strong, citrus-like scent to it giving it that characteristic "Christmas Tree" smell. It bears upwards-facing branches, perfect for more decorations and will withstand more weight to its branches. Frasier Firs are typically a bit more slim-line than Nordmanns, and retain more of a uniform pyramid shape making it an excellent choice for smaller spaces. 

And there you have it! If you have any questions about anything to do with Christmas trees from Heaton Fold, dont hesitate to contact us by email or by phone.

Merry Christmas, and a fantastic season ahead!

Published: 11th October 2023