Meet the students

Meet the Students!

At it's heart, Heaton Fold is a Garden Centre that offers Adults with Disabilities work experience, which helps with their social skills and physical abilities, as well as putting them to work - which they love! Students undertake a range of tasks around the garden centre... such as keeping walkways tidy, planting up seasonal stock for future sale, helping us move stock about... and ontop of all of that, being super helpful!

Any purchase you make, whether that be a coffee, a plant, a candle or a set of garden furniture goes straight into the pot to improve our students experience at Heaton Fold, like buying new tools and equipment, games and DVD's for rainy days, as well as funding all sorts of opportunities for them!

Interested in a Placement?

All new referrals must be assed and referred to us by BMBC Adults Services; Heaton Fold cannot authorise any referrals via email. We recommend that any potential referees have a conversation and explore the options with their allocated social worker for more information.


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