Terms and Conditions

Below is our various policies we use at Heaton Fold Garden Centre. If you have any concerns regarding any of our policies, or feel as though you've been treated unjustly, please contact us via our email and we will do our best to help!


  1.  Plant Sales & Refunds
  2. Cafe "12-2PM" Policy
  3. Bikes Policy
  4. "Card-only" Policy
  5. National Garden Gift Vouchers

Plant sales and Refund Policy

If you change your mind after buying a product (not including plants), we may be happy to exchange or issue a credit note for any unused or unopened items returned to us in a saleable condition, only with the production of a receipt. We do not offer a refund on items of clothing, however if you believe you have purchased a faulty item we may grant a refund. This must occur within 14 days of purchase. This is also at the discretion of the manager on site. 

We do not offer a refund on plant stock. Unfortunately, as plants are live produce, they are purchased healthy but sometimes fail due to factors in their new environment or care regime such as lack of water, wind or frost. We politely ask that customers are aware, or do research of their plants needs before purchase, and that any damage to the plant after purchase is their responsibility. If you believe your plant is suffering we can offer advice to you however we may not exchange or offer a refund to you.

Sometimes we put items and plant produce on sale from time-to-time as it may have cosmetic or functional damage, or it is simply going out of season. Any item bought in a sale is also non-exchangeable or refundable for this reason. We kindly ask that you ensure the item(s) you buy - where the price has been marked down for any reason - is/are what you want before purchase. 

Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. This does not affect your statutory rights. 

Cafe "12-2PM" Policy

Between the hours of 12PM and 2PM we reserve inside seating for diners having a meal in the Cafe, to ensure that everyone is seated appropriately in order to minimise risk for both staff and customers when handling hot food around the premises.  Those wanting anything except for a meal are free to use the outside seating in good weather, wherever possible, between the hours of 12 and 2PM.

Between 10AM - 12PM, and 2PM - 3PM, those wishing to sit inside with their drink are able to do so, as this is not considered a "peak time". 

Dogs Policy

At Heaton Fold, we have a "No Dogs" Policy. No dogs must enter the Garden Centre grounds with the exception of Service dogs. Plant health being our most important priority, we have made the decision to ban dogs entirely from the site due to increase in fouling and damage to stock. Furthermore, with Adults with Disabilities on-site, we aim to ensure they have a safe and controlled working environment - some of the students are extremely afraid of dogs.  At Heaton Fold we do everything in our power to make sure the students have a safe time whilst they are at work, unfortunately stopping dogs entering Heaton Fold is necessary to ensure this. 

Bikes Policy

Bikes, Scooters, Rollerblades etc. are not permitted on the site. As Heaton Fold is a small Garden Centre, any apparatus mentioned must be left on the carpark in designated bike-parking spaces, and not left against the entrance, or inside the grounds, under any circumstances. These bike-parking spaces are monitored by CCTV.  Bikes left on the path have caused injury to customers and students before, they also cause congestion around site with narrow pathways, and for this reason, you must leave your bike, or other form of leisure on the carpark, or at home. 

"Card-only" Policy

At Heaton Fold we are a "Card-Only" facility, meaning we only take digital forms of payment (e.g Credit & Debit Cards, Mobile Pay, Smart Watches etc.)This is to ensure the safety of the staff and students on-site. We do not take any form of AMEX card. This being said we do not have a minimum spend on our card machines for this reason. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause however we will not be taking cash in the future. 

National Garden Gift Vouchers Policy

We currently supply and take the PAPER form of National Garden Gift Vouchers. We cannot take the plastic, "credit card" style gift vouchers, or any piece of documentation regarding the balance of these cards. Please visit the National Garden Gift Voucher website for more information on where you can use and purchase these plastic cards. 

We do not post vouchers for people as they pose a risk of getting lost and we are unable to insure anything posted - instead please consider supporting someone closer to you by looking at the National Garden Gift Voucher Website for more information.