Meet the Cats

Meet the Cats!

Who is Oscar?

Oscar is our official on-site "Mouse Catcher"! He is 2 year's old and lives here at Heaton Fold; he first appeared out of nowhere and kept coming back to steal food from our late cat, Claude. Ever since, he's been ruling the roost and hasnt left Heaton Fold since. Oscar now lives on-site full time, and sleeps here overnight to keep pesky rodents away, and does a remarkable job! 

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What happened to Claude?

Before Oscar landed at Heaton Fold we had a cat called Claude; he lived here for over ten years before Oscar and was our semi-feral tabby cat. He was much like Oscar, though a bit more reserved and all of our customers loved him! Unfortunately in June of 2022 Claude passed away suddenly in his sleep, after perhaps over 15 years of life! Claude lived a happy, healthy life at Heaton Fold and we will forever miss him. Our on-site Cafe is named after him to ensure his memory lives on. 

A picture of Oscar, a white cat, and a picture of Claude, a tabby cat, who live at Heaton Fold.